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Explore the Colombian Caribbean Coast, in the #1 country in the world, with the highest diversity in bird species:
Discover the more than 1921 bird species who choose to live here.
Enjoy the possibility of observing more than 20 endemic species in one route.
Visit diverse habitats in one single route (mangroves, mountains, desert, paramo).
All inclusive services for your trip. Enjoy with no worries (guide, transport, meals, and lodging).
Direct benefit to local communities, we are local, professional operators.


Multi-day routes through the Colombian Caribbean Coast

Bird watching

Santa Marta

Observe Endemic birds in the shortest time

 4 Days   3 Nights


bird watching

Santa Marta &
The Guajira Peninsula

Travel through every habitat in the Colombian Caribbean

 9 Days   8 Nights


bird watching

Northern Colombia
Birding Trail

One of South America´s richest endemic regions

 13 Days   12 Nights



Go birding for a day

bird watching


Tropical Forest
Price person, minimum departures 2 pax.


bird watching

Isla De Salamanca
Parkway Daytrip

Mangrove Forest
Price person, minimum departures 4 pax.


bird watching


Archaeological Reserve
Price person, minimum departures 4 pax.


Testimonials from our clients:

“The truth is that it has been a wonderful trip… the route, nature, the birds. It has been beautiful to see how everything in this natural paradise is being preserved (Taironaka Reserve)”
Roberto Hoyos, España

“When we came here, it was surprising to me how beautiful and tranquil this area is (Cerro Seco Reserve). We saw many interesting birds. Yes, I think it´s very special to have something like this…to be able to enjoy nature”
Lissane Aerts, Holanda

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Do you want to explore one of South America´s regions with the most endemism?

We are bird lovers, we want to help every bird watcher to visit Colombia. Our routes have everything you might need, so you can add more birds to your list without worries.